A 22 year old, a camera and a hope that things will change.

HELLOOOO PEOPLE!I’ve been inactive for months! Here’s a little something for this season. :)Hopefully I’ll get time to shoot this work vacation. :) 
NO FILTER:Let me show you how human I can be.How imperfect I am.All the flaws they see and don’t seeThat’s all I’ve got to offer.This love that you have givenIt made me beautiful.Truly there is nothing more to itbut you and me.No insecurity.Just humilityI admit that without youI cannot BE. 
How it was before it is.
ACUTE SALUTE TO GLORYPlayed with an old photo of mine from 2010.Shaped the subject via 2 studio lights. I placed a red carpet under her that casted red tints on her pants, belly, arms, feet and hair.
Digitally enhanced and added some brushes today (2013) on photoshop. The model’s pose and lighting seemed interesting to play with and made me conceive this idea: Praise/Worship and an uncontainable burst of emotion. 
Flight Inhaler
Unedited only tilted 90 degrees. 
In SeasonTricks that trickle on my mindPlayed and struck for I am blind.Tips and answers to me confinedMoving manner? In a bind.Questions and stories to withholdA life, my life, only to one unfolds.Storms in and outNot soaked, in drought.All faith and hopeThis is how I cope. 
Summer is ending and the rainy season is coming.I still haven’t spent my summer somewhere and I might do it late.I hope the sun would be gracious enough to shine in Zambales next week.I dream of taking photos there. Oh Mr. Sun please continue to shine. :P 
Scientifically RomanticA summaryA love storyAn equationThis is from a photo I took this weekend with my cousin.Cropped it, played with it and made a story up. *gloom*New philosophy for boosting my productivity: “whatever, make something anyway”
Tyler G.

Nada Surf

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Love love love!
That tambourine! 
Tully On TullySong: I Barely KnewI like this song 
Sweet Disposition